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Welcome to Enterprising Internet

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We provide professional internet services to a small client base with a very personal service.

The only new clients we take on are by reccommendation or invitation only, this is not because we are an exclusive or elitist club, merely that we are a small team of Internet professionals providing the best possible level of service to our clients, despite the great service you get you will be pleased to know that our prices compare favourably with the most inexpensive of hosts.

If you have been recommeded to us from one of our partners you can expect to enjoy first class support for your domain and hosting products as well as more general support around Internet marketing, programming, content management systems as well as providing support for your wordpress installions and plugins. Should you have any questions please call us directly on 07944 309108, alternatively speak to the partner that is recommending you.

Completely unlimited web hosting with support for probably every web technology known to man!